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Are you looking for a job or wanting to advance your career? The skills assessment is a service that can help you better understand your abilities and identify your training needs to achieve your professional goals. This service is offered by organizations specialized in employment support.

The skills assessment is a comprehensive and personalized service that allows you to assess your skills, experiences, motivations, and professional aspirations. It is carried out by a skills assessment expert who accompanies you throughout the process.

The skills assessment service begins with a diagnostic phase to identify your needs and expectations. Specific tools are used to assess your professional skills, personal abilities, and motivation. This step is essential to define the objectives of the skills assessment and to adapt the service to your needs.

The second phase of the skills assessment consists of analyzing the results of the diagnostic stage. The skills assessment expert accompanies you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your professional profile, to define your aspirations, and to highlight the skills to be valued or developed.

Finally, the third phase of the skills assessment is the development of a realistic and achievable professional project. The skills assessment expert helps you define the different steps of your professional project, by proposing training, reorientation, or career advancement opportunities.

By choosing our skills assessment service, you benefit from personalized support to better understand your skills and optimize your professional project. You can thus make the right decisions to achieve your professional goals with peace of mind.

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