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Trainings in Orientation scolaire

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Are you a student or a parent of a student and looking for guidance in choosing the right educational path? Our specialized organization in academic support offers a school orientation service to help you find the educational program that best suits your aspirations and profile.

Our school orientation service is carried out by expert counselors who accompany you throughout the process. We begin with an information phase to explain the different academic programs and associated professional opportunities. We also help you understand the criteria and stakes of your academic orientation.

The second phase of our school orientation service is the analysis of your profile and aspirations. We use orientation tests and individual interviews to assess your abilities, interests, and motivations. We also consider your academic background and results to determine the educational programs that best fit your profile.

Finally, the last phase of our school orientation service is the development of a realistic and achievable orientation project. We help you identify the programs that meet your aspirations and are in line with your profile. We also provide you with advice to optimize your application and prepare you for admission interviews.

By opting for our school orientation service, you benefit from personalized support to find the educational program that best fits your profile and aspirations. You can choose an academic orientation with confidence, having all the necessary information to make the right choice. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our school orientation services.

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