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You want to obtain a professional certification by highlighting your professional experience? The VAE (Validation of Prior Learning) is a service that can help you obtain official recognition of the skills you have acquired through experience. This service is offered by specialized organizations in professional accompaniment.

VAE is a system that allows the validation of skills acquired through professional, personal, or voluntary experience. The VAE service is provided by expert consultants who accompany you throughout the process.

A VAE begins with an information phase to explain the different stages of the system and to evaluate the feasibility of your project. An evaluation of your professional profile is carried out to determine the skills you have acquired and to identify the professional certification that best corresponds to your experience.

The second phase of the VAE service is the preparation of the validation dossier. The organization helps you to prepare your validation dossier by giving you the necessary advice to highlight your skills. You are also assisted in finding evidence to attest to your professional experience.

Finally, the last phase of the VAE service is support for the validation interview. You are helped to prepare for the validation interview by providing you with the necessary advice to be at ease and to answer the jury's questions.

By choosing a VAE service, you benefit from personalized support to highlight your professional experience and obtain an official professional certification. You can thus highlight the skills you have acquired throughout your professional career, which may allow you to access new career opportunities.

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