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Save time and efficiency. With Skills, support your teams in their skills development and career paths thanks to our centralized training monitoring workflow and our enriched training catalog.

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Identify the training courses suited to your training plan, save them and share them easily by generating a personalized training catalog unique to your company.

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Automate the collection of your employees' training needs. Prioritize the requests with the weighting of your managers.

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Follow your trainings, from quote to invoice, thanks to our secure company space, allowing you to store all training documents.

A to-do list that reflects you to make you save time and easily identify the next actions to take.

Control your training budget

The impact on managers is greatly increased by the use of quantifiable data, and concrete monitoring of the actions carried out and their impact.

Effectively monitor the management of your budget and the progress of your HR OKRs on professional training.

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Today we list training courses in more than 100 categories and subcategories in order to be the most representative of the skills needs of companies.

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